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Will + POA Initiative

Attention: With the current situation surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and its increasing uncertainty, we want to offer you assurance that we are proactively addressing the risks to our employees and our clients so that the business that's important to you can keep moving forward. As a first step, we have enabled all our staff to work remotely and securely from their homes, while still being able to complete all transactions and services you count on. This means that operations will continue, even if we are required to physically distance ourselves from one another for a prolonged period of time.

I need a Will and POAs and need them quickly so we are prepared.
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Estate planning at W+C

Earlier this year we introduced our new, customized estate planning service, Panoramic Plan, which the very best way to safeguard your future, so that everything goes they way you intend. But this service requires a deep dive and broad look into your life, and takes more time than what the current situation allows. COVID-19 has, in a matter of weeks, has changed everything. There are very real needs that must be addressed in the short term.

Rapid emergency documents

We have been getting lots of calls since the onset of this worldwide pandemic. Those who do not have a Will or Powers of Attorney in place have had their vulnerability brought into sharp focus. The calls we have been receiving reflect the reality that 56% of Canadians don't have these vital documents in place — it's times like these when we are reminded of their importance. For our generation, being prepared for an unpredictable future has never been more real.

Response to the urgent need

We recognize that this is a real source of stress for you, and that there is urgency for action right now. We are responding by creating an initiative called Solid Foundation that will fill the gap for people who need an emergency Will and Powers of Attorney. It puts in place the essential documents very rapidly —within five business days or sooner— prepared by an estate lawyer, with the same care and attention that you can always expect from Whittal + Company Law Firm.

This initiative allows us to conduct all parts of drafting your Will and Powers of Attorney remotely and digitally, never needing to meet up in person, and never needing to put yourself or your loved ones at risk.

  • Solid Foundation for Individuals
  • $650+HST
  • Will
  • Power of Attorney for Property
  • Power of Attorney for Personal Care
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  • Solid Foundation for Couples
  • $850+HST
  • Mirror Wills
  • Power of Attorney for Property
  • Power of Attorney for Personal Care
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With these added benefits

Your primary focus is getting these important documents in place. Our primary focus is preparing those documents with world class service.

  • Ongoing support by our friendly staff throughout the process
  • Streamlined online questionnaire
  • Video or phone conference with estate lawyer
  • Customized Will prepared by estate lawyer
  • Customized Power of Attorney for Property prepared by estate lawyer
  • Customized Power of Attorney for Personal Care prepared by estate lawyer
  • Draft documents prepared and sent to you within 5 business days
  • Signing of documents guided by qualified staff

When things are back to normal

Solid Foundation is not meant to replace a Panoramic Plan, but instead puts in place these essential documents rapidly and with the care and attention of an estate lawyer. The cost of a Solid Foundation plan will be credited toward a Panoramic Plan when we are able to take the time to meet together again.

We know we need our Will and Powers of Attorney, but we don't know what to do next.
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