Panoramic Plan

Introducing the Panoramic Plan

A Panoramic Plan is more than an estate plan. An estate plan deals with your assets. But you are more than your assets, and your legacy should be built around the life you create, not just the things you acquire. And it isn't necessary to wait until you're gone for your most valuable possessions to be protected.

A Panoramic Plan is a detailed strategic plan and customized grouping of services that address your unique needs and safeguard your future so that it goes the way you intend. We develop your Plan after we first fully understand your whole life and family landscape. While your estate and assets will be protected, a Panoramic Plan covers so much more than that. You, your family, your loved ones and dependants will be guarded against many terrible circumstances, and all the things you cherish most will be carefully protected as well.

"I just need a simple will"

Everyone needs a Will and Powers of Attorney. Having them in place is an excellent first step in saving your family from unnecessary heartache and extra expense. However, our experience has shown us, time and time again, that hardly anyone can get away with "just a simple will"; that nearly everyone has characteristics that extend beyond the scope of these basic documents.

  • family structures are changing
  • career paths and retirement are different than previous generations
  • assets are now held in physical and digital formats
  • bodies are outliving the wellness of our minds
  • more people are business owners and entrepreneurs

The traditional approach to estate planning was not developed with the present landscape in mind and it is clear that today, more than ever, we need something more flexible and comprehensive; something that is panoramic in scope.

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