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On 2018-08-28
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multi-generation-family-walking-on-winter-beach-with-dog-502861075_5184x3456.jpeg Our friendly staff take a lot of frantic calls. Often, the caller needs a Power of Attorney made up for an unwell loved one. It’s an awful situation: imagine you discover there are thousands of dollars missing from your aging mother’s account and you find out that she has been giving money to anyone who calls and asks for it. You are forced to admit what you have been denying, Mom likely has dementia and cannot be left alone anymore. Suddenly, you need the authority to do what she can’t do. You need to put take control of her bank accounts, pay her bills, and perhaps even place her in a long-term care facility.

She is angry with you and begins to accuse you of stealing from her. She won’t allow you to have her get a capacity assessment, and she would give you any kind of permission to do what needs to be done. The bank won’t give you access to her accounts because they require a Power of Attorney. The residence also needs one. No one will do anything for you without it … and she never had one made. Now it’s too late.

Powers of Attorney are documents that are signed by a person (the grantor) giving another person or persons permission to act on the grantor’s behalf while the grantor is still alive. This is as opposed to a Will, which gives instructions for after the signer has passed away. Powers of Attorney are useful in many of scenarios: sudden accidents, aging parents, sickness, even travel.

It is essential that you sign while you are still able to: putting it off creates a terrible situation for those left to care for you, often distraught loved ones whose struggle is compounded by their inability to do what needs to be done. Without Powers of Attorney signed by you, they will be left with difficult and expensive options: applying to court to be made guardian, watching a stranger from Ontario’s Office Public Guardian and Trustee take over your assets and be made the decision maker until a family member can be selected, and family disunity as members quarrel over who you would have preferred to take charge.

At Whittal + Company, we know the power of a Power of Attorney. We are client-focused and will discuss with you the full spectrum of your available options, helping you decide the best solution for your individual situation. As the largest firm in Chatham-Kent, we offer a multidimensional perspective through which to analyse your specific needs and provide the best solution. We are innovative, and we are constantly educating ourselves on the most current trends in Wills, Estates and Trust Law. It is our desire to walk along side you as the years pass and your situations change, being certain to update your documents as life requires. Most of all, we want to ensure that when the time comes and it’s your loved one calling us, they can call us with confidence because they know that you’ve got Whittal + Company in your corner.

​- Jocelyn Kraayenbrink


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